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1.Better benefits than other companies in this field
    a.Annual salary
    b.Year-end Bonus
    c.Housing subsidies of lodging, birthday and festivals

2.Complete social insurance system
    PCL offers following insurances from the day begins.
    a.Maternity insurance
    b.Medical insurance
    c.Unemployment insurance
    d.Pension insurance
    e.Work-related injury insurance

3.Best training programs for each level
    a.Newcomer Training
    b.English training
    c.Professional skills training
    d.Management ability training

4.Harmonious relationships with employees and leisure activities
    a.Annual tour
    b.Sports Games
    c.Birthday party in every quarter
    d.Designated area for various activities (Table tennis, Basketball & Badminton)
    e.President's mailbox, a direct channel communicates with management, no gap between employees and the management.

The first-class company welcomes you to join us to create the prosperous future together.
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